BLDC Motors

BLDC Motors for extended life time and wide dynamic range. Big portfolio.
Sizes from ø22 mm to ø150 mm (slotless from ø16 mm)
The BLDC motors are available in a number of variants and the adaptation possibilities are various. The motors have pole numbers from 2 poles (slotless with high speed) to 24 poles (large diameter flat, low speed, and suitable for direct operation for eg door openers). Most motors have from 6 to 12 poles. Supply voltage normally 12 volts, 24 volts, or 48 volts. Best to call our support to find the right solution.

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Normal BLDC: BLDC-xx-RBL / BLx 22 .. 150 mm
"Low cost" BLDC: BLDC-xx-CBL 24, 36, 42
Slotless BLDC: BLDC-xx-SBL-L 16, 27, 28, 34, 39, 42
Closed loop BLDC: BLDC-xx-SVA-L 42, 57, 80, 86
Axel Kullmann

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Axel Kullmann

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BLDC Flat Motor

Outer rotor motor. A very short motor, high torque.
Size ø32 mm, ø45 mm, ø68 mm, ø90 mm
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