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Lotax - more than 30 years experienence of sales in the Nordic countries.

We supply companies and manufactures in different markets, such as medical, automation, food, etc., with components and special solutions.

Lotax AB started 2003, and in year 2015 the portfolio was extenden to include sales of dc-motors, solenoids, joysticks. The company is privatly owned and the owner has long lasting relation with their suppliers. I.e. the cooperation with Isliker Magnete startet as early as in1995. Today Lotax has several middle sized suppliers in the field of electro mechanics, i.e. Bühler Motor. We choose suppliers who has the possibility to do adoptations to fit customers needs and applications. This is essential in our work to create customer valute and good technical solutions.

Our office is situated in Sickla, Nacka kommun, just outside of Stockholm.

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