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Isliker Magnete AG’ Product range consists of solenoids, rotating as linear, sliding as pulling. They also have linear solenoids with permanent hold function as well as bistable and retaining magnets. Furthermore, we develop fully customized electromagnetic solutions, customer-specific, which may be part of your product.

Megatron, Munich, offers mechatronic components and sensors. Megatron’s product range includes a wide range of angle sensors (potentiometers), linear sensors, load cells, joysticks and precision resistors.

Ruffy Controls Inc., was founded in 2013 by Charles Hayes, Tom Wirbelauer and Joe Elliott in Carlsbad, California. The founding team at Ruffy Controls has over 100 years combined experience in the joystick industry. As an emerging leader and innovator in the joystick industry, their strength as a company is founded on the commitment of helping customers grow by providing world class products, exceptional customer service and finished goods in stock.

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Bühler Motor Fast, flexible, personal, cooperative and capable EU manufacturer of DC motors and BLDC motors up to 260 watt continuous power, and 0,63 Nm continuous torque. Bühler Motors quality is with no doubt of highest standards, and we are confident to say the prices are very competitive. Many motors are available direct from Stock. This is helpful to have such service, when it comes to samples!

Delta Line SA, A UNIQUE MOTION SOLUTION PLATFORM IN EUROPE offers a wide variety of products and solutions, intended to be used either, as a single motion product within an application or as a complete motion solution. Products include: BLDC motors, Flat BLDC, Coreless DC-motors, disc magnet stepper motors, hybrid or tincan stepper motors, linear actuators, planetary and customized gearboxes, encoders and intelligent drives for BLDC or stepper motors. From a simple component to a sophisticated motion solution DELTA LINE will together with Lotax provide our customers with the best solution. DELTA LINE integrates the most suitable motion technologies with unique custom design for small quantities, to larger volume. The motors are coming from Fulling Motor, partown by Delta Line. Lotax is the first choice for Fulling Motors in Sweden and Norway.

Helix Linear Technologies Inc., American manufacturer of high precision linear screw solutions.

SBS-Feintechnik – Innovative, customer-specific drive solution We have been continuously optimising our innovative, customer-specific drive solutions! As a system supplier, we now offer a spectrum of products ranging from traditional cuckoo clockworks to medical technology, machinery and equipment manufacturing, household technology and building management, right on up to the automotive industry.

OSLV ITALIA S.r.l. was founded in 1968 and is today located in the south-east of Italy in a 32.000 square metre area of which 7.500 square metres is roofed. OSLV is specialized in the production of wiper systems and components, wiper motors, small DC-motors and linear actuators. There are 130 people working there and the turnover per year is about 25 million euros.

BAB Elektronik offers its customers innovative, robust and cost-effective solutions in the electronics and electromechanical industries. Lotax works closely with BAB as an expert in the field of electronics for mechanical engineering (motors and solenoids).

Inission is a complete supplier of tailor made solutions in the field of advanced industrial electronics production and logistics. Lotax has choosen Inission as a strategic partner in the field of customer-specific solutions and logistics services for electronics.

Osvald Jensen A/S develops and manufactures transmission parts for a variety of industries. Jensen manufacture also high quality gears in it  own factory in Denmark. Lotax can provide you with solutions from Jensen, when extra service, and strength in the gearbox solutions, is needed.

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