MP20 – Conductive Plastic Potentiometer

MP20 without stop, free wheeling, potentiometer with high life span in moderate priceing.

MP21 – Conductive Plastic Potentiometer

High quality potentiometer in good price range.

AC - Multiturn-Wirewound Potentiometer

Robust multi-turn potentiometer with high precision in 20 mm housing and many options. The AC potentiometers in rugged 20 mm housing are ideal for applications where a precise and economical multiturn potentiometer is required.

AL10 - Miniature wirewound multiturn potentiometer

Miniaturized and precise multiturn potentiometer in 13 mm housing.

HH17/19 - Multiturn Hybrid Potentiometer

High-resolution and long-lasting multiturn potentiometer with very low signal noise in 22 mm housing.

SCX22 - SIN-COS Potentiometer

Compact non-linear potentiometer in 22 mm housing with very long lifespan

SCX30 - SIN-COS Potentiometer

Precise non-linear potentiometer in 27 mm housing with very long lifespan.

SCX50 - SIN-COS Potentiometer

Very precise non-linear potentiometer in 51 mm housing with very long lifespan

46 - Multiturn-Wirewound Potentiometer

Potentiometer with up to 20 turns and power rating up to 10 W in 46 mm housing

AL14 - Multiturn-Hybrid-Potentiometer

Very compact and accurate multiturn potentiometer with long life span in 13 mm housing

HH21 - Mulitturn-Hybrid Potentiometer

High-resolution and long-lasting multi-turn potentiometer with very low signal noise in 20 mm servo flange housing and 2 x ball bearings.

AL11 - Miniature multiturn hybrid potentiometer

Miniaturized and precise multiturn potentiometer in 13 mm housing with long life and low signal noise.

MP22/23 - Conductive Plastic Potentiometer

Conductive Plastic Potentiometer Series MP22/23 with metal housing.

MHP32 - Conductive Plastic Potentiometer with hollow shaft

Conductive plastic hollow-shaft potentiometer with backlash-free coupling for convenient installation.

MHP24 - Hollow-shaft conductive plastic potentiometer

Very compact hollow-shaft potentiometer with a precious metal wiper suitable for very confined spaces.

MPS20/21 - Conductive plastic potentiometer

Compact servo flange precision potentiometer with high durability and accuracy in 22 mm housing with precision ball bearings and radial connections.

RP22/23 - Wirewound potentiometer

Compact and very accurate potentiometer in 22 mm rugged metal housing. RP22 with high electrically effective rotation angle. RP23 with end stop.

SFCP22 - Conductive plastic potentiometer

Robust servo flange potentiometer in 22 mm metal housing with very long lifespan.

SMT - Multiturn-Wirewound Potentiometer

Smallest 10-turn potentiometer in the world.

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