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Joysticks from Megatron Elektronik, Germany and from Ruffy Controls, USA. Technology in both hall sensors as potentiometers. We have stock on some joysticks (pls send us your request), and we can configure any joystick according to your needs. Delivery time is approximately 2 weeks from factory. For more info send us your inquiry.

Finger Joystick 812 1-3 axis

812 is based on contactless Hall sensors, or potentiometer.

Finger Joystick 821 – 1 to 3 axis

The Finger Joystick 821 series with micro switches is your choice for robust, at the same time precice switching while requiring little space.

Finger Joystick 826 – 1 to 2 axis

Different options availbel: Pushbuttons, center detent, external trim, up to 6 switches, adjustable friction clutch.

Finger Joystick 828 – 1 to 3 axis

The 828 series satisfies highest demands on the joystick mechanism and the precision of the sensors, both combined into small dimensions.

Finger Joystick 829 – 1 axis

For the 829 series, several options are available: Rubber boot, handles, resistance value of potentiometes, additional switches, …

Finger Joystick 830 – 2 axis

The 830 series can be configured to different applications by choosing between different sensors and handle designs.

Finger Joystick 841 – 1 to 2 axis Switch stick

Joysticks of the 841 series come with high quality micro switches. Switching a single pole, double pole, or progressively – the robust mechanism guarantees a long lifetime even at intense usage.

Finger Joystick 844 – 1 to 3 axis

Minimal installation depth, maximal robustness – joysticks of the 844 series do not require much space to guarantee long lifetime with their hall sensors.

Finger Joystick 847 – 1 axis

The Finger Joystick 847 is the latest generation of high precision contactless input devices.

Finger Joystick 851 – Switchstick

Newly constructed, the series 851 takes currents up to 10A and voltages up to 250V AC.

Finger Joystick HE1 3 axis

Finger Joystick HE1 2-3 axis hall technology, with 1 or 2, or with out push button in handle.

Finger Joystick HE2 IP67

Finger Joystick HE2 2-3 axis hall technology, with 1 or 2, or with out push button in handle.

Finger Joystick HE3 – IP67 redundant

Finger Joystick HE3 2-3 axis hall technology, with 1 or 2, or with out push button in handle.

Hand Joystick SG – IP67 redundant

Hand Joystick SG 2-axis hall sensor Analog technology, with multiple options and for extra safety control systems also with operator control. Minimum IP67.

Finger Joystick MH – 3 axis hall sensor

Finger Joystick MH 2-3 axis hall technology, with or with out push button in handle.

Finger Joystick MR – 3 axis resistiv

Finger Joystick MR 2-3 axis with conductiv plastic potentiometer in 2 differtent options (see specification).

Finger Joystick TRY100 1-3 axis

The TRY100 is also based on contactless Hall sensors, and is offering most options, like e.g. handle designs with up to two pushbuttons.

Finger Joystick TRY22 – 3 axis

The TRY22 series was developed strictly following criteria such as cost efficiency, high quality level, high IP classes und easy installation.

Finger Joystick XTbar

Faders of the XT-bar series were designed for applications which not only require a low signal noise, but especially profit from constant operation forces over lifetime. For indoor use.

Thumb Joystick SAT – 1 axis

Single axis miniature proportional thumb controller.

Thumb Joystick TS1- 2 axis

Double axis miniature proportional thumb joystick.

MACH V – 3 axis

The Mach V series is especially suited for application in conjunction with CCTV.

RS Desktop – 3 axis

The RS Desktop was developed for professional indoor usage.

MACH IV – 2 to 3 axis

The Mach IV series is the solution for applications asking for joysticks with two or three axes confined within a desktop housing.

Thumb Joystick PW30

The PW30 series combines the advantages of joysticks for the control of analog parameters with the small space consumption of trackballs.

Thumb Joystick TRY13m

The TRY13m is the little brother of our TRY13. A thumb joystick in miniature size.

Thumb Joystick TRY14 1 to 2 axis

The TRY14 series offers proportional miniature-size thumb josticks with Hall sensors for long durability and enduring signal quality. Can be delivered in 8 different grips.

Thumb Joystick TRY20 2-3 axis

The construction of the TRY20 series allows to integrate a complete 2- or 3-axes joystick with Hall sensors into a thumb-size joystick.

Thumb Joystick TRY13

The TRY13 series provides an ergonomic thumbwheel in different colors.

Fingertip limit switch joystick SS2

Fingertip limit switch joystick

HED - Desktop camera controller

Hall Effect USB desktop controller with integrated 3 axis HE1 Series joystick.

MFD - Multi-Funktion USB Desktop Controller

MFD Potentiometer. Also available with Hall effect sensor and control knob

Thumb Joystick TS2 - Micro 2 Axis Hall Effect

Joystick with hall effect. Available with various actuators (Castle cap, round convex, round concave, Single axis Y). Supply 5 volt and with various outputs. A really nice feeling in the HMI. 

Thumb Joystick SS1 - Miniature Hall Effect Switch Stick

Switch stick with Hall effect switch stick. Both the knob, 12 volt, 50 mA, and base can be varied as desired. IP67 above panel!

Thumb Joystick FNR - Miniature Single Axis 3-position Hall Effect Switch

FNR - Miniature Single Axis 3-position Hall Effect Switch. 
Base, knob and electric output can be varied as desired.

Thumb Joystick MSA - Micro Single Axis Hall Effect

With single or double sensors for redundant signal. 

Thumb Joystick HS1 - Miniature Hat Switch

Hat Switch where the knob can be adapted as desired (round or castle).

Finger Joystick TRY120 1, 2, 3 axis

The TRY120 is based on contactless Hall sensors. Robust joystick with IP67 and perfect for use in vehicles. Redundant. Designed to meet the EN ISO 25197 standards but not yet certified (counts for some models)

Finger Joystick 842 – 1, 2, 3 axis

Minimal installation depth (38 mm), maximal robustness – potentiometric joysticks of the 842 series has mechanics in metal.

Hand Joystick 890 – 1 to 3 axis


Joysticks of the 890 series are often being used with cranes, construction vehicles and ferries.

Hand Joystick 870 – 2 to 3 axis

The 870 series provides a robust structure for toughest use and environments.

Hand Joystick TRY80 – 2 axis

The TRY80 series provides very robust joysticks for usage in tough environments. Deadman trigger

Hand Joystick 892 – 3 axis

Extremely robust and long trouble-free construction. Often used in Off-Road-Vehicles.

Hand Joystick TRY52 – 1 to 2 axis

The TRY52 offers everything a joystick for heavy-duty applications needs: High durability of all components, IP68 (depending on specific configuration), and an ergonomic handle design for the integration of further functional devices like e.g. switches, rockers, mini joysticks, trigger, deadman switch, and others.

Hand Joystick 891 – 1 to 4 axis

The 891 series offers an outstanding ergonomic handle and high quality mechanism.

Hand Joystick 871

Based on robust structures, joysticks of the 871 series are well suited for applications in harsh environments.

SpaceMouse® Module

SpaceMouse®Module - Only avaliable at LOTAX as industial mouse, USB, UART interface(serial), and CANopen.
The robust and high-precision SpaceMouse®Module is ideal for industrial applications.

Hand Joystick TRY81 – 1 to 3 axis

The TRY81 series derives from the TRY80 series, providing the same specifications regarding robustness, durability and precision.

HCK - Precision hall effect control knob

Hall effect control knob resolution 12 bit.

Hand Joystick TRY54

Highly reliable joystick for extreme applications

Hand Joystick TRY50 – 1 to 3 axis

The TRY50 series covers the transition from finger- to hand-size joysticks.

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