Hand Joystick

Hand Joystick SG – IP67 redundant

Hand Joystick SG 2-axis hall sensor Analog technology, with multiple options and for extra safety control systems also with operator control. Minimum IP67.

Finger Joystick TRY120 1, 2, 3 axis

The TRY120 is based on contactless Hall sensors. Robust joystick with IP67 and perfect for use in vehicles. Redundant. Designed to meet the EN ISO 25197 standards but not yet certified (counts for some models)

Hand Joystick 890 – 1 to 3 axis


Joysticks of the 890 series are often being used with cranes, construction vehicles and ferries.

Hand Joystick 870 – 2 to 3 axis

The 870 series provides a robust structure for toughest use and environments.

Hand Joystick TRY80 – 2 axis

The TRY80 series provides very robust joysticks for usage in tough environments. Deadman trigger

Hand Joystick 892 – 3 axis

Extremely robust and long trouble-free construction. Often used in Off-Road-Vehicles.

Hand Joystick TRY52 – 1 to 2 axis

The TRY52 offers everything a joystick for heavy-duty applications needs: High durability of all components, IP68 (depending on specific configuration), and an ergonomic handle design for the integration of further functional devices like e.g. switches, rockers, mini joysticks, trigger, deadman switch, and others.

Hand Joystick 891 – 1 to 4 axis

The 891 series offers an outstanding ergonomic handle and high quality mechanism.

Hand Joystick 871

Based on robust structures, joysticks of the 871 series are well suited for applications in harsh environments.

Hand Joystick TRY81 – 1 to 3 axis

The TRY81 series derives from the TRY80 series, providing the same specifications regarding robustness, durability and precision.

Hand Joystick TRY54

Highly reliable joystick for extreme applications

Hand Joystick TRY50 – 1 to 3 axis

The TRY50 series covers the transition from finger- to hand-size joysticks.

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