Angle Sensors

ETA25PS – Programmable Encoder

Only one sensor for different electrical rotating angles and an easy and accurate programming of start- and end position and senses of rotation.

HSM22M Hall-Effect Multi-Turn Rotary Encoder

True power-on multi-turn encoder in Ø22.5 mm metal housing detects angles up to 3600° (= 10 turns) absolutely reliable.

MP20 – Conductive Plastic Potentiometer

MP20 without stop, free wheeling, potentiometer with high life span in moderate priceing.

MPAS20 – Conductive Plastic Potentiometer

Servo flange, 2 ball precisions bearings, Diameter 22 mm, without mech. stop

RP20 – Wirewound single turn potentiometer

High quality low cost potentiometer.

AC - Multiturn-Wirewound Potentiometer

Robust multi-turn potentiometer with high precision in 20 mm housing and many options. The AC potentiometers in rugged 20 mm housing are ideal for applications where a precise and economical multiturn potentiometer is required.

MPS20/21 - Conductive plastic potentiometer

Compact servo flange precision potentiometer with high durability and accuracy in 22 mm housing with precision ball bearings and radial connections.

RP22/23 - Wirewound potentiometer

Compact and very accurate potentiometer in 22 mm rugged metal housing. RP22 with high electrically effective rotation angle. RP23 with end stop.

SFCP22 - Conductive plastic potentiometer

Robust servo flange potentiometer in 22 mm metal housing with very long lifespan.

MAB28 - Hall-Effect Absolute Encoder


Encoder with different serial interfaces and ball bearings.


The space-saving and well-priced encoder offers a high resolution and a smooth detent for manual operation.

MRS – PC Board, Land, Board-In-Stecker

A space-saving encoder used as a manual setpoint device, with push button

MRB – PC Board

The space-saving and well-priced encoder is used as a manual setpoint device.

AL17/AL19 Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer


A multiturn potentiometer with high precision in 22 mm housing option slipping clutch

MP21 – Conductive Plastic Potentiometer

High quality potentiometer in good price range.

ETA25 Manuel setting device

Hall effect panel encoder ETAM25 with analogue interface

SPE manual encoder

Panel encoder Ø22, increased torque, 1000 ppr

SPM - Optical incremental encoder

Reliable optical incremental encoders with increased (SPM) and reduced torque (SPNTM) with good adaptability to the application.

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