Solenoids for all needs, tailored to meet your exact needs

We have standard solenoids from Isliker Magnete, but also we have the capability to give to you exactly what you are looking for, to get the perfect function out of the solenoid in your application. Supply voltage and current will be adjusted to fit your need. From 3 volt DC to 230 volt AC. Rectifier integrated in the connector. The solenoid can be bi-stabile or even self holding. The solenoids we provide, i.e. manufactured by Isliker Magnete, are of superb quality. Click on the type that fits your need at the best, or give us a call for help in choosing.

Product overview Isliker Magnete


PDF icon Product overview Isliker Magnete

Industrial Solenoid GI ø40-100 mm

The Industrial Solenoid is the choice when it comes to automation and special requirements. i.e. IP65.

Industrial Solenoid UG ø115-170 mm

The Industrial Solenoid is the choice when it comes to automation

Small Solenoid GK ø20-32 mm

A single hole fixing, long life small linear Solenoid available in either push or pull stroke versions for highest demands.

Economy solenoid GE □32-70 mm

A most flexible solenoid you will find in the GE-series.

Miniature solenoid GM □20-35 mm

The open frame solenoid provides a efficient solution to most applications.

GMH-26 Self-holding solenoid

Open frame solenoid with one discreet position maintained without the continuous application of current.

GCH-25 Bistable self-holding solenoid

Bistable, no spring, solenoid for highest demands.

Return operation Solenoid GKu ø20-32 mm

Typically you can have different coils giving different performance in the two different directions.

Return Stroke Industrial Solenoid GIu

Industrial double acting linear electromagnet for demanding applications with long service life.

Rotary Solenoid DGV

Compact rotary solenoid without axial movement of axis on request with return spring assembly free adjustable.

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