CR18 - Potentiometric Linear Transducer

Displacement sensor in compact industrial design with spring-suspended probe tip or tip with roller bearing.

Special Features

  • Compact industrial design
  • With spring-suspended probe tip or tip with roller bearing
  • Long lifespan and high accuracy
  • Linear potentiometer with almost infinite resolution
  • Measuring lengths from 10 mm to 100 mm

The compact and robust linear potentiometers of the series CR18 are designed for industrial applications. The housing profile made of anodized aluminium corresponds to the usual industrial dimension with 18x18 mm. The transducer has a stainless steel ball in the probe tip, for example for scanning profiles or for monitoring distances. The CR18 is available with both plug and cable connection in measuring strokes from 10..100 mm. In the displacement sensor series CR18 the mechanical detection of linear movement is done by a rear and front guided push rod. The potentiometric distance measurement is carried out with a high-resolution conductive plastic resistive element. The compact displacement encoder has a very long lifetime and high accuracy due to its good linearity. Since the potentiometric measuring principle delivers absolute values and requires no electronic conversion, the position feedback signal is true power on without delay, temperature stable and robust against EMC influences. Customization on the cable (length, finishing with plug) or on the push rod (length, thread, flat ...) are available on request.

Facts Fakta

Effective electrical travel10 to 100 mm in 5 variants
Mechanical position detectionFront and rear side push rod with spring return
Sensor TechnologyPotentiometric
DesignAnodized aluminium rectangular profile
Protection ClassIP40
Electrical connectionRadial, Cable, Connector
Functions / FeaturesIndustry standard dimension
Axel Kullmann

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Axel Kullmann

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